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Interdisciplinary Doctoral School (IDS) at Lodz University of Technology provides innovative and individualised doctoral training and offers multiple and unique prospects for development for doctoral candidates of all nationalities.


Eligibility criteria

We welcome applications of university graduates holding a Master degree (or equivalent) of all nationalities.



There is an application fee for participants.

IDS offers fully funded training to all accepted candidates which means that IDS training is free of charge for all interested individuals who pass the admission procedure.


Doctoral training of the highest quality

IDS provides support in conducting the research needed for writing and defending doctoral theses as well as to convey cutting-edge world knowledge in the selected areas of science.

The training program at IDS is composed of:

  • Core curriculum in the selected discipline and entrepreneurship course.
  • Individual Research Plan which is established between doctoral candidate and the scientific advisor and presented to Scientific Council of IDS within 5 months from the start of the training. IRP includes elective courses, soft & transferrable skills courses, mobility, visiting professors’ lectures, seminars and teaching course & practice.


The doctoral training program lasts for 4 years and after 2 years of training each doctoral candidate goes through the Midterm evaluation (link do zakładki). Based on its results doctoral candidate either continues the training at IDS or stops it.


IDS offers doctoral programme in 12 disciplines within 4 scientific domains taught in ENGLISH:

  • Engineering and Technology:

Materials Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Automation, Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Information and Communication Technology

Civil Engineering and Transport 

Architecture and Urban planning

Chemical Engineering


  • Natural Sciences:

Chemical Sciences


Physical Sciences


  • Agricultural Sciences:

Nutrition and Food Technology


  • Social sciences:

Management and Quality Studies


Financial support

Every doctoral candidate admitted to IDS receive stipend, which is presented in Funding and Support (https://www.p.lodz.pl/en/funding-support-interdisciplinary-doctoral-school) and in addition IDS offers a motivational scholarships for the best candidates.



Doctoral candidate can be supported by scientific advisor’s or supervisor’s grants or by external funding (individual or granted for a scientific project). More information can be found in Funding for research and science (https://www.p.lodz.pl/en/funding-research-and-science-interdisciplinary-doctoral-school).


Still considering?

By choosing IDS you receive a high quality and comprehensive training in the selected discipline but also you can choose from a number of elective courses from all available disciplines, visiting professors’ lectures and you will receive training in transferable skills allowing acquiring competences for early career researchers to work in different sectors, not only in academia and business.


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