Foundational information on issuing graduation diplomas and their supplements:


Within 30 days from the graduation, the higher education institution shall issue a graduation diploma together with its supplement and two certified copies, including, at the student’s request, certified copies in another language, which means:

"Pack A"

· original diploma with its supplement

· 2 certified copies of the diploma with its supplement in Polish


"Pack B"

· original diploma with supplement

· 1 certified copy of the diploma with its supplement in Polish

· 1 certified copy of the diploma with its supplement in English


The above documents are issued free of charge.


Additional copies of the diploma and/or diploma supplement in English as well as a duplicate of the diploma and the diploma supplement are charged 20 zl each (following §36 of the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education dated 27. Sept. 2018 on studies)


To enquire about the diploma, a graduate should contact the Diploma Division by phone (+48 42 631 20 91) or mail: aleksandra.gajda@p.lodz.pl martyna.andrzejczyk@p.lodz.pl elzbieta.gogacz@p.lodz.pl magdalena.ostaszewska@.p.lodz.pl


Diplomas and their supplements can be collected in the Diploma Division

29 Radwańska Street

A13 building (1st floor, room 12)

Opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 08.00-15.00

Tuesday: 10.00-17.00

Saturday: 9.00-13.00


To collect the diploma in person, you must present your identity card or you can authorise another person to do it. The authorization should contain a signature authenticity proof, confirmed by the respective Dean within the Faculty, by the notary, or a Polish consul.

Date of record:2017-01-05
Date of actualization:2020-09-24

Submitted by:
Aleksandra Gajda