Internal System for the Assurance of the Quality of Education at TUL


Internal system for the assurance of the quality of education at Lodz University of Technology (IEQAS)

At Lodz University of Technology, there is a great emphasis on the assurance of the highest quality of education in all cycles and all forms of study provided at the University.

Since 2000 quality assurance at TUL has been formalized, which means that all activities undertaken towards the enhancement of the quality of education have been regulated by internal and external legal provisions.  In 2008, Internal Education Quality Assurance System was established by a resolution taken by the Senate. The system has been subject to continuous improvement.

TUL’s Internal Education Quality Assurance System operates based on the following internal regulations:


1. Senate Resolution No. 3/2011 of March 30, 2011, on Internal Education Quality Assurance System, which sets out its structure and tasks.

2. Senate Resolution No. 11/2012 of September 28, 2012, on academic staff annual performance review and peer observation of teaching, which lays down general provisions, procedures, guidelines for processing and evaluation of results.

3. Rector Ordinance No. 11/2012 of October 31, 2012, on Rector Committees, Amici Curiae (advocates) in disciplinary proceedings and Rector Representatives in the 2012-16 term of office. The Ordinance appointed committees on the assurance of quality of education at TUL and Rector’s Representatives including Rector’s Representative for Students, Rector’s Representative for Education and Rector’s Representative for Admissions.

4. Rector Ordinance No. 8/2013 of April 19, 2013, on coordinators in TUL’s quality management system and committees on quality of education. The Ordinance in detail enumerates responsibilities of the committees in charge of quality of education.


The process of implementation and enhancement of a quality management system (QMS) is currently underway at Lodz University of Technology.  The internal system of the assurance of the quality of education will be an integral part of the QMS.

Date of record:2013-10-23
Date of actualization:2019-05-29

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