Welcome to the Lodz University of Technology

Lodz University of Technology is a well-established higher education institution with an evolved structure. Prospective students have nine faculties to choose from as well as many additional units which enable interdisciplinary studies, provide study support, foreign language instruction, entertainment and sports.


TUL is the fifth best university of technology in Poland according to the 2019 Perspektywy magazine university ranking. 


In 2009, TUL was the first university in Poland to be awarded the prestigious ECTS Label Certificate by the European Commission. In 2013, not only was the University once again recognized with the ECTS Label, this time for the years 2013 - 2016, but was also awarded the Diploma Supplement Label.


More than 2000 students have graduated from programs offered in foreign languages. TUL is the only university in Poland with such a wide range of programs in foreign languages offered at its International Faculty of Engineering. On top of that, selected courses are taught in English at each of TUL's faculties.


Every year, several hundred of our students - the highest number of all technical universities in Poland - go to study at foreign universities - a feat acknowledged by the National Erasmus Agency in Poland, which awarded the University the title of “Mobility Friendly University”.

More than 30 percent of the entire summer student placement exchange is completed within the IAESTE program, which means that TUL receives and sends out the highest number of students to complete their placements abroad. TUL is also one of two Polish universities participating in the Campus Europae student exchange network.

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