Scope of support

Anyone who intends to participate in a project call, starts writing a project application, searches for partners or needs help in implementing a project, always can get the following support:



  • Information about national and international scientific and research programs.
  • Information on funding sources for scientific and research projects and other types of projects, including search for opportunities to participate in national and international calls.
  • Advising on projects and help in their preparation.
  • Assessment of formal and technical feasibility of project implementation and formal evaluation of project documentation.
  • Monitoring of project implementation and checking of efficiency indicators during the implementation period.


This assistance will be provided by a team of experienced experts from the TUL Projects Office.


The basic task of the Projects Office is to support the community of researchers in applying for funds from domestic and international sources. These funds are crucial for carrying out research and active scientific and technical cooperation in the European Research Area.


Equally important is the task of the Office, targeted to cooperation with international and national partners - as those who on their own initiative turned to the TUL to create scientific networks, bilateral cooperation, invite to participate in different project, as well as those who are required by the TUL researchers for their future projects.


The Office also conducts trainings, seminars, webinars, provides informational support for the University academic staff according to its own plan and offers the opportunity to conduct trainings, seminars and webinars for the employees of Departments, Institutes, Faculties and other TUL units on their request.


The Projects Department prepares and publishes Newsletter, where current and fresh information is presented, provides all the University employees with video recordings of webinars, workshops, seminars on project activities and gives access to other information that is important for the TUL employees in implementing their projects or submitting applications. This information can be found in the area of the Projects Office at WIKAMP (anyone who wants to use this service should write a letter to karina.barantseva@p.lodz.pl with a request for registration in this service).


You are welcome for cooperation, getting necessary support, for personal contacts.


Date of record:2018-10-09
Date of actualization:2018-10-19

Submitted by:
Agnieszka Garcarek-Sikorska