Research at TUL

Research Office

Igor Hacia, M.A. (office manager), tel.: +48/ 42/ 631 20 44
e-mail: igor.hacia@p.lodz.pl

Katarzyna Osińska, M.A., tel.: +48/ 42/ 631 20 40
e-mail: katarzyna.osinska@p.lodz.pl

Katarzyna Maćczak M.Sc., M.A. tel.: +48 /42/ 631 20 40; 631 20 52
e-mail: katarzyna.macczak@p.lodz.pl

Tomasz Wasiak M.A. tel.: +48 /42/ 631 20 40; 631 20 52
e-mail: tomasz.wasiak@p.lodz.pl


TUL Research Office is responsible for:


  • Coordinating the actions and distributing information on the principles of research financing, including:
  • relevant national legal regulations,
  • statutory and basic research activities, as well as investments made for the development of research (including research equipment and building features),
  • national research programmes, run by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, as well as the national support of international programmes,
  • research activities of the Foundation For Polish Science (Fundacja na rzecz Nauki Polskiej, FNP).
  • Gathering the information about research activities conducted by the TUL faculties and interfaculty units.  
  • Coordinating the activities of the TUL in the field of research staff development, including gathering and providing information on:
  • relevant legal regulations, procedures and their amendments,
  • TUL authority to award scientific degrees,
  • dissertations and assistant professor titles awarded by the TUL and awarded professor titles awarded to TUL researchers,
  • awarding the TUL doctoris honoris causa title.
  • Assisting in the work of TUL Senate: Research Committee, Budgetary Committee, Finance and Development Committee.
  • Internal and external reports on TUL research activities and staff development.
  • Preparing data for various research databases and information periodicals.
  • Assisting the Lodz Festival of Science, Technology and Art on behalf of the TUL authorities.

Date of record:2007-06-13
Date of actualization:2019-05-28

Submitted by:
Katarzyna Maćczak