Quality Assurance Policy at TUL

Lodz University of Technology, as one of the leading universities of technology, considers the high quality of education and modern teaching offer to be one of the five strategic objectives of its activity.


The Quality Assurance Policy of Lodz University of Technology is based on the innovativeness of education understood as the process of building knowledge, skills and developing the creativity of students and doctoral students as well as the innovativeness of the academic staff. The result is the contribution of the University and its graduates to building a sustainable and competitive economy as well as inclusive economic and social growth. This goal is achieved through the creation and improvement of products, processes and organisation.


The values that we respect and promote in our everyday activities are: work ethics, commitment, social sensitivity and continuous improvement.


TUL academic community implements the Quality Assurance Policy through:

  • building a culture of quality,
  • shaping the environment, including resources and infrastructure, conduciveto innovativeness of staff, students and doctoral students,
  • strengthening the synergy between the University and its socio-economic environment,
  • developing education based on scientific research and economic needs strategic for the University, the Region and the country,
  • providing graduates with competences valued on the labour market,
  • ensuring conditions for the University staff to develop competences conducive to innovative education,
  • improvement of education and organisation of the education process in cooperation with students, doctoral students and the social and economic environment,
  • drawing upon the best national, European and global models,
  • confirmation of high quality of education through participation in national and international rankings and applying for national and international accreditations.


Lodz University of Technology applies the best academic practices while respecting the provisions of national law, standards in force in the European Higher Education Area and internal regulations of the University.

Date of record:2019-09-05
Date of actualization:2019-09-05

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Agnieszka Garcarek-Sikorska
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