Main University regulations

The most important document which regulates the operation and the organization of the University is the Statutes.


It regulates the following issues:

  • the organization of the University and the internal division into units;
  • the management of the Institution (it defines the authorities and their competences);
  • employment principles and tasks of employees;
  • recruitment rules and regulations concerning students' life.


Another important document is the Study Regulations. It defines the rights and obligations of the student; the rules of financial support, the necessary documents required in the course of studies and international exchange, rules of registration and recognition procedures for TUL's mobile students.


The Mission of the Lodz University of Technology defines the main objectives of the development of the TUL with reference to:

  • education of students;
  • development of research and scientific staff;
  • financial, international and educational policy.


The European Policy Statement defines in a detailed way the foreign policy of the University with a special focus on the relations with European Partners in order to enhance the internationalization of education.

The Teaching Guide is a composition of rules and good practice. It includes as follows:

  • study regulations;
  • principles regarding transferring and resuming of studies;
  • principles regarding administrative support of mobile students;
  • students' affairs (eg.: rules of assigning rooms in halls of residence);
  • tuition fees;
  • description of teaching infrastructure of TUL;
  • models of forms used at TUL.

Date of record:2007-03-07
Date of actualization:2020-01-07

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Anna Boczkowska