Action 3




Using social networking services to promote results of  TUL’s research and to establish research cooperation
(continuation of actions)


Kampania PŁ w mediach społecznościowych


ResearchGate LinkedIn YouTube Twitter Facebook



Creating a central list of conferences and events organized by TUL  on the www.p.lodz.pl website, as a tool for supporting the dissemination of research results and interdisciplinary cooperation



Creating a dedicated bookmark  presenting scientific research and research cooperation on www.p.lodz.pl



Launching a new science podcast on YouTube where TUL’s researchers will be presenting technologies which are being prepared for implementation
(continuation of actions)


Nauka movi(e) Blog Politechniki Łódzkiej Wiedzą, co mówią




Team of experts from the University’s departments  for contacts with the media



Individual websites for researchers willing to present their achievements  and research on TUL’s homepage www.p.lodz.pl 


Responsible Unit:

Office of Communications and Promotion
Contact: 42 631 27 48,  promocja@info.p.lodz.pl



Completed actions (Action Plan 2016-2018)

A.3.3. Design of an information booklet presenting scientific research and research cooperation of the University (in Polish and in English)


Politechnika Łódzka. Technologie i usługi

Politechnika Łódzka. Badania, projekty, współpraca

Lodz University of Technology. Technologies and services


A.3.5. Preparation and publication of a series of articles presenting and promoting TUL’s greatest scientific achievements in cooperation with a local newspaper


cFluidolat - nowy surowiec preparatów kosmetycznyh

Komórki nowotworowe niszczone za pomocą nanocząstek

Proteza tchawicy z celulozy bakteryjnej

Roboterapia - interaktywne gry i zabawki pomagają w terapii sensorycznej dzieci

Technologia modyfikacji implantów kostnych




Date of record:2018-05-10
Date of actualization:2018-05-16

Submitted by:
Bartłomiej Gałązka