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Scientists from TUL monitor the air over Łódź

In mid-January, flights and measurements by a new drone inspecting quality of air over Łódź started. The device is controlled by dr inż. Robert Cichowicz of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering of Lodz University of Technology.


Dr inż. Robert Ciechowicz z dronami w laboratorium PŁ, fot. Jacek Szabela

Dr inż. Robert Cichowicz with drones at the laboratory at TUL. Photo by Jacek Szabela


The research carried out by researchers from Lodz University of Technology will enable precise measurement of concentrations of harmful compounds at selected spots of the city, depending on the potential emission sources. The drone is fitted with measuring equipment featuring pollution sensors and a volatile compound detection system.

- The map of flight routes covers selected areas of streets in sensitive locations which include both low-rise residential development zones as well as the vicinity of high-rise residential ones, street junctions, pedestrian walkways, and traffic roads, dr inż. Robert Cichowicz, of the Institute of Environmental Engineering and Building Systems, TUL, explains. - With specialized apparatus installed on the drone, exact measurements of the air composition are possible even at a height of 200 meters. One set of batteries yields about 40 minutes of flight time.


This is the second device purchased by scientists from Lodz University of Technology to survey air in the agglomeration of Łódź. The purchase of the drone was co-financed by the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Łódź.

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Anna Boczkowska
Dr inż. Robert Ciechowicz z dronami w laboratorium PŁ, fot. Jacek Szabela