Authored on 11/25/2021 - 09:44
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The International Cooperation Centre invites students to participate in a personalised learning experience with the use of tutoring

Article written by Alina Wujcik, International Cooperation Centre



The project "Masters of Didactics" commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science is addressed to first- and second-cycle students willing to benefit from short-term tutoring support. It is provided free of charge, individually or in small groups, for one semester (3-6 months). The classes will be run by TUL staff trained for this purpose during study visits abroad to prestigious European universities - University College London, Ghent University, Aarhus University, Groningen University and Oslo University.

Classes conducted with the use of the tutoring method develop student’s academic, social and personal competences. Personalised learning allows for individualised work with both outstanding students and those struggling with learning problems. - Working with students, we accompany them on their journey to discover their strengths, set goals and achieve them – says mgr Krystyna Breszka-Jędrzejewska, the director of the TUL Language Centre, whose staff are most involved in the project.

mgr Krystyna Breszka-Jędrzejewska, the director of the TUL Language Centre

In the tutoring method the student can develop effectively, learn independent, critical thinking, search for sources of inspiration and present own achievements. The participants benefit from a "student – master" relationship.

– My most valuable experience has been the feeling that these classes are a journey that allows a student to see a foreign language from a different perspective, to pursue an interest, or be inspired to improve language skills. I have been able to give my tutees a lot of autonomy and put responsibility for the learning process in their hands, as well as build relationships that have stood the test of time – in this way the director of the TUL Language Centre assesses the participation in the project.

– We build cooperation with the tutee quite differently than in traditional classes. We learn a lot from the students and about the students, and this knowledge is useful in our daily work – adds mgr Krystyna Breszka-Jędrzejewska who participates in the advanced training path for tutors "Advanced Qualifications in Teaching" developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science and experts from the University of Groningen.

TUL students will be able to participate in tutoring after the acceptance of an application sent to the selected tutor. The list of TUL tutors and the application form can be found on www.

Participation in the project is considered as an additional activity assessed during recruitment to Erasmus+ programme.

Project participants will receive a certificate issued by the project leader, Dr Eng. Dorota Piotrowska, TUL Prof., ICC Director. Short-term tutoring for TUL students is due to take place until the end of 2022.