A person interested in the nostrification of a diploma is obliged to personally submit an application form (filled out in capital letters), together with the attachments, to the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Lodz University of Technology and read the following documents:

Applications to initiate the nostrification proceedings are accepted from October to May, at the address indicated below: 

Centrum Kształcenia Politechniki Łódzkiej (Centre for Teaching and Learning):
116 Żeromskiego St., 90-924 Łódź
Building. A27, 4th floor, room CH-4
phone. 42 631 21 38
e-mail address: rkck@adm.p.lodz.pl
(working days 8.00 - 15.00)

The applicant is obliged to track progress of the validation process on an ongoing basis and be in contact with the University ( by e-mail, telephone or personally). 

In the case of lack of competence to conduct the proceedings, the Vice-Rector for Education will refuse to conduct the proceedings. 

If formal deficiencies are found, the applicant is obliged to complete the documents within 14 days or the application will not be considered.

Within 14 days from the date of the commencement of the nostrification procedure by the appropriate Programme Committee, notified to the applicant by the Vice-Rector for Education, the applicant is obliged to pay the fee into the account provided by the university.

The fee is defined in the Order No. 34/2021 of the Rector of Lodz University of Technology of June 28, 2021 on the detailed procedure for the nostrification of higher education diplomas of studies completed abroad and the conditions and procedures for the exemption from the nostrification fee.

The fee shall be paid regardless of the outcome of the nostrification proceedings. The fee does not cover costs incurred in the event of curricular disparities; in such a case the costs shall be covered by the applicant.

In special and justified cases, the Vice-Rector for Education may waive the  nostrification fee (attachment no. 3 - a specimen application for fee waiver).
The nostrification procedure takes no longer than 90 days from the date of submitting an application that meets the formal requirements. 

Following the nostrification procedure, the Vice-Rector for Education shall issue a relevant certificate, to be collected in Centrum Kształcenia (Centre for Teaching and Learning).