The Science Support Centre of Lodz University of Technology is launching a programme to support researchers planning to obtain a prestigious European Research Council (ERC) grant. The ERC offer is as follows.

  • ERC Starting Grant (StG) - for talented young researchers with 2-7 years of post-doctoral research experience (counting from defence),
  • ERC Consolidator Grant (CoG) – for more advanced researchers who plan to establish their own research group and have 7-12 years of research experience since obtaining their doctoral degree,
  • ERC Advanced Grant (AdG) – for recognized, field-leading researchers who are looking for funding for long-term, high-risk, ground-breaking research, with a track record of significant achievements over the past 10 years,
  • ERC Synergy Grant (SyG) – for groups of 2 to 4 Principal Investigators to solve a challenging scientific problem. Individual PIs must demonstrate their research achievements or a 10-year track record.

In order to increase the chances of obtaining a grant, Lodz University of Technology will offer to the researchers willing and selected on the basis of the preliminary assessment of the possibility of applying for the selected grant:

  • option to be released from the teaching hours in the semester of application or the semester preceding it (depending on the application schedule),

  • support of an external company with a successful track record in applying for ERC grants,

  • support from an individual application supervisor who will work closely with the researcher from the moment of eligibility to this programme (including liaison with the National Contact Point and other institutions supporting ERC applicants),

  • possibility to subsidise a stay in a foreign or national centre for consultations in preparation for the application (up to a specified amount to cover travel, subsistence and accommodation costs)

It is also possible to establish cooperation with mentors-scientists who previously were members of the ERC evaluation panels and are winners of the ERC grants. This initiative proposed by the ERC – Mentoring Initiative was joined by the largest research funding agencies in Poland (NCN, NCBiR, NAWA and FNP). Individuals who are currently PIs of selected grants funded by these agencies may apply for such support. More details about this initiative can be found at the address.

For a brief presentation of the ERC offer and the basic criteria that must be met, see the video below:

More details-tips, for example how to assess your readiness to enter the ERC, can be found in the links to each competition above. Also, the ERC Scientific Council in December last year decided on a major change to the application forms and the evaluation procedure just starting with the 2024 calls; for more information see this webpage.

Each application to the programme will be subjected to a preliminary assessment of the possibility of applying for the selected ERC grant, in order to select the individuals who, according to the ERC evaluation criteria, are most likely to be funded. Contracts will be signed with the selected individuals by the university committing to pay the support offered. The condition on the part of the researcher will be the submission of the application within the specified deadline.