A technical university, such as Lodz University of Technology, cannot function properly, conduct research and educate without cooperation with the industry.

The modern economy and dynamically developing society are related to technological progress. Lodz University of Technology understands the strategic importance of cooperation with the socio-economic environment, which is why it is constantly expanding the network of partners, both local and global.

TUL and its partners undertake new areas of activity, contributing to the development of various sectors of industry. The university established the ICT Central Poland Cluster, bringing together strategic companies from the IT industry. Lodz University of Technology manages the LODZistics cluster associating companies and institutions operating in the field of broadly understood logistics and transport in Central Poland. In an effort to ensure effective distribution and strive to increase the use of renewable energy sources, TUL was among the founders of the Energy Wave Cluster.

Cluster participants are actively involved in the education process. Representatives of the companies associated in them reviewed the study programs, indicating which thematic areas are of priority in terms of future professional career. They defined which aspects both lecturers and students should pay attention to.

Every year, specialists from companies carry out class visitations, during which they assess the quality of classes conducted by teachers, taking into account, the methods used and if the conveyed knowledge is up-to-date. One of the important aspects of cooperation with enterprises - leaders in their industries, is the development of job profiles, defining the necessary skills and competences of job candidates (both strictly industry-specific and general). Additionally, companies are actively involved in other activities for the benefit of students - e.g. by giving dedicated lectures and expert workshops, or by engaging in Lodz IT Days every year.


Lodz University of Technology cares about combining education with business practice. At the request of industry, the Faculty of Chemistry has launched the following studies: Chemical Analytics and Construction Chemistry - an inter-university field of study, implemented together with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków and Gdańsk University of Technology. On the other hand, at the Faculty of Technical Physics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, students present their projects to companies that, in turn, offer various forms of cooperation and personal development, traineeships, internships and employment. Thanks to this, TUL graduates are sought-after and willingly employed staff in Poland and abroad.

Lodz University of Technology is the university with the highest ratings by employers in the Łódź region. Cooperation with companies translates into the education process through:

  • development of the traineeship and internship programme for TUL students,

  • undertaking educational initiatives,

  • implementation of diploma theses in which students solve problems reported by companies,

  • equipping classrooms with equipment necessary for education in specializations needed on the labour market,

  • expert lectures by industry representatives,

  • appointing departmental business councils,

  • adjusting study programs to the needs of the economy.