The TUL Residential Area has 9 student halls of residence, 2 633 beds, including: 9% in single rooms, 91% in double rooms, 100 places in higher standard guest rooms. Lodz University of Technology has rooms adapted for the disabled.


Dormitory of the Lodz University of Technology

All halls of residence are connected to the Internet via fiber optic network, some of them are additionally equipped with wireless Wi-Fi. The residential area is monitored.

In the halls of residence there are laundries, gyms, fitness rooms, billiard rooms, ping-pong rooms, music, multimedia, television, study rooms, drawing rooms.

The advantage of the TUL Residential Area is its good location: close to the city centre, with convenient access to public transportation, recreational areas (parks), sports grounds (Sports Bay), railway station (about 3 km), airport and shopping centres. There are student clubs, a canteen, hairdressers, beauty salon, medical clinics, grocery, catering outlets.

It also has two conference rooms and a performance hall with 291 seats, air-conditioned, sound system and modern audio-visual equipment. The venue is used by, among others, the TUL Academic Orchestra and the TUL Choir, it also hosts the TUL Beauty Pageant, sports galas, and concerts conferences and trainings.

The TUL Residential Area is home to the Student Government, BEST (Board of European Students of Technology), the Student Tourist Club "Płazik", and the Student Radio "ŻAK".

  • All information about the documents to be submitted, procedures for applying for a place in other TUL halls of residence is available on the website of the Student Government of TUL at: in new window) under “accommodation”.
  • All persons interested in accommodation in the Hall of Residence I at TUL are requested to complete the application for accommodation in the Student Hall of Residence I (opens in a new window) and send it together with a confirmation of a TUL student status by e-mail to the address of the Manager of the Student Hall of Residence I:

Director of the TUL Residential Area - mgr Janina Mrozowska


Senior Specialist- mgr Sylwia Sagańska

phone: +48 42 631 20 19, +48 42 631 20 27, fax: +48 42 631 2945


3a Politechniki Street

phone reception: +48 42 631 21 80

Independent office clerk – mgr Iwona Olczak,

phone: +48 42 631 21 90, e-mail:

The Secretariat of TUL Residential Area is located in the building of the Student's Social Home on the second floor, room no. 1, receives all interested persons from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm.

E-mail contact with administration staff is recommended. A list of e-mail addresses of administration employees is available below.

Students are received by prior appointment with the administration staff.

Possible documents to be handed over to the administration staff can be left at the reception desk of each building.

Technical Section of the TUL Residential Area

3b Politechniki Street

Senior Master: Krzysztof Gołosz

Independent technical clerk: Paweł Dębowski

phone: +48 42 631 29 40, +48 42 631 21 99


I TUL hall of residence

3b Politechniki Street

reception desk: +48 42 631 29 81, +48 42 631 21 81

Manager: mgr Anna Garnys

phone: +48 42 631 29 41, +48 42 631 21 91


II TUL hall of residence

5 Politechniki Street

reception desk: +48 42 631 29 82, +48 42 631 21 82

Manager: Elżbieta Kłys

phone: +48 42 631 29 42, +48 42 631 21 92


III TUL hall of residence

7 Politechniki Street

reception desk: +48 42 631 29 79, +48 42 631 21 83

Manager: mgr Eliza Wołowiec

phone: +48 42 631 29 43, +48 42 631 21 93


IV TUL hall of residence

9a Politechniki Street

reception desk: +48 42 631 29 84, +48 42 631 21 84

Manager: mgr Martyna Dąbrowicz

Independent office clerk: Paulina Wocial

phone: +48 42 631 29 44, +48 42 631 21 94


V TUL hall of residence

3 Lumumby Street

reception desk: +48 42 631 27 07, +48 42 631 27 08

Manager: mgr Ewa Filipczak

phone: +48 42 631 27 05


VI TUL hall of residence

11 Politechniki Street

reception desk: +48 42 631 29 86, +48 42 631 21 86

Manager: mgr Sylwia Koziełek

phone: +48 42 631 29 46, +48 42 631 21 96


VII TUL hall of residence

9 Politechniki Street

reception desk: +48 42 631 21 87

Manager: mgr Emila Lewandowska-Żwiryn

Specialist: mgr Justyna Gąsiorowska           

phone: +48 42 631 21 97


VIII TUL hall of residence

40/42 Radwańska Street

reception desk: +48 42 631 29 88, +48 42 631 21 88

Manager: mgr inż. Urszula Mroczka

Independent office clerk: Jolanta Żero

phone: +48 42 631 29 48, +48 42 631 21 98


IX TUL hall of residence

277 Piotrkowska Street (entrance from 232 Wólczańska Street)

reception desk: +48 42 631 24 87, +48 42 631 21 89

Manager: mgr Renata Dynarek   

phone: +48 42 631 24 86


TUL Residential Area is undergoing a facelift. The new elevations are noticed by pedestrians and drivers passing by on Politechniki Avenue, but there's also a lot going on inside the halls of residence.

The first major investment in recent years was the rebuilding of the I TUL hall of residence, which is now the showpiece of the TUL Residential Area. It is our most modern accommodation facility, meeting the highest standards and adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. Each room has its own bathroom, fridge, electric kettle, internet connection and TV with digital signal allowing to receive basic channels. On each floor there is a public kitchen, on the ground floor there is a billiards room and a club room, where you can also watch TV. In the basement there is a fitness room and a laundry room.

Another completed investment was the reconstruction and refurbishment of the III TUL hall of residence. The main objective of the investment was to adapt the building to the requirements set out in current fire regulations. What does this mean in practice? Among other things, the dormitory is equipped with the Voice Evacuation System, Fire Alarm System, smoke ventilation, ventilation of corridors and staircases, FTTH and Wi-Fi. Apartment rooms, bathrooms and kitchens have been thoroughly rebuilt. Staircases and corridors gained a new look.

At present, the II TUL hall of residence is being rebuilt, which will ensure that the building can be used safely and in accordance with current sanitary and fire safety regulations. It will contribute to raising the standard of living rooms (single rooms with bathrooms) and of the entire facility, and consequently to increasing its attractiveness as an accommodation base. The planned completion of the reconstruction is April 2022.

address: building. C15 at al. Politechniki 3a, 1st floor.

It consists of an auditorium and a 40 m2 stage with a backroom with two dressing rooms and toilets. The room is designed for conferences, trainings, symposia, workshops and other events. The room is air-conditioned, equipped with 292 upholstered armchairs with desks, stage lighting, screen, multimedia projector, conference sound system - sets of wireless microphones, Wi-Fi access. There is a possibility to use the hall on the first floor to organize catering and the cloakroom.

Price list:                   

  • performance hall PLN 300/hour + 23% VAT
  • conference hall PLN 100/hour+ 23% VAT


Sylwia Sagańska phone +48 42 631 20 19, fax: +48 42 631 29 45

address: building. C15 at al. Politechniki 3a (ground floor)

Offers cheap home-cooked dinners, meals for organized groups, catering, corporate events, banquets.

Takeaway meals can be ordered by phoning 512-025-921.

The following medical clinics are located on the premises of the TUL Residential Area:

  • Building of the II Dormitory, al. Politechniki 5 – Medical clinic ADAMED
  • Building of the V Dormitory, ul. Lumumby 3 – VITAPLUS Family Doctors Clinic