Studies at Lodz University of Technology are conducted at 9 main faculties, at the International Faculty of Engineering and at the Papermaking and Printing Centre. The educational offer includes 63 fields of study of practical and academic profile.


Tuition is provided on a full-time and part-time basis. We conduct first-cycle, as well as second-cycle studies awarded with a Master’s degree (MSc or MA). Lodz University of Technology offers education in engineering and technical sciences, science and natural sciences, social sciences, agricultural sciences and arts.

TUL also offers a number of courses taught in English:

and in French:

Within other courses specific specializations are conducted in English:

Specializations such as Bioeconomy and Chemistry of Building Materials are carried out in cooperation with the best universities in the country, such as AGH University of Science and Technology, Gdansk University of Technology or Warsaw University of Technology.

Moreover, at TUL it is possible to study Nanotechnology or Electronics and Telecommunications (second-cycle studies), where the education process is carried out in cooperation with foreign universities (University of Twente, University of Naples Federico II) and graduate with a double diploma.

After completing the Master's degree, graduates have the opportunity to pursue their scientific interests in doctoral studies. Lodz University of Technology runs an Interdisciplinary Doctoral School, which educates young researchers from all over the world. We offer 12 educational paths, a flexible and innovative educational programme conducted in English, lectures by visiting professors, mobility and participation in summer schools and scientific projects.

The idea of lifelong learning, addressed to different age groups, is developed in various forms at TUL. The offer of postgraduate studies, further education courses and training is updated on an ongoing basis.