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An important element of our activities is proper communication. The Promotion Office provides promotional support for initiatives taken by employees and students of the university.


  • With tools such as a website, newsletter, social media accounts of the university (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), we create the possibility of wide access to current information both inside and outside TUL. We invite you to submit topics.

  • The support includes promotion of research and achievements of academic and didactic staff. To this end, we have launched a blog - new website for technology. We welcome the cooperation of our scientists.

  • Our activities also include the promotion of recruitment and cooperation with schools.

  • The Promotion Office also deals with the distribution of promotional gadgets, sharing materials such as media walls with the logo of the university, roll ups, balloon, tent, deckchairs and other items useful for building a TUL stand at events such as conferences, fairs and shows. If necessary, please contact us.

  • We provide photographic service for the most important events at the university.

  • We offer advice on promotional activities conducted by other units and departments.

Applications for cooperation and requests should be sent to:

The university also provides support in contacts with the media. A press spokesperson offers assistance in this area. Lodz University of Technology has its own Multimedia Centre offering video support, transmissions and film productions for employees and students. 

The Promotion Office provides university units with promotional materials with the logo of Lodz University of Technology

Gadgets can be purchased individually at the Customer Service Office of TUL Sports and Education Centre "Sports Bay"

Smycz materiałowa
Fabric lanyard
Zakładka do książki
Długopis metalowy
Ołówek grafitowy
Graphite pencil
Pamięć USB 32GB
USB memory stick 32GB
Kubek ceramiczny
Ceramic mug
available in navy blue, white, grey
Bluza bomberka
Bomber jacket
Worek-plecak (czarny)
Sack-backpack (black)
Worek-plecak (niebieski)
Sack-backpack (blue)
Torba bawełniana
Cotton bag (navy blue)
Maskotka pluszowa
Plush mascot
Wieszak na torbę
Bag hanger
Znaczek korporacyjny PIN
PIN corporate badge
Notes z ołówkiem
Notebook with pencils
Notes A4
A4 Notebook
torba papierowa
Paper bag A4 and A5
Promotion Office
6/8 Skorupki Street
90-924 Lodz, Poland
bud. B2 (wozownia)
+48 42 631 27 48