For students who are open-minded, curious about other cultures, want to make international contacts and gain valuable experience, student organizations and associations with an international character are an ideal place. They provide opportunities to go on internships, traineeships and courses in various corners of the world.

The largest international student organizations operate at Lodz University of Technology.


Erasmus Student Network - European Youth Exchange (ESN-EYE) is the largest student association in Europe. It was founded on 16 October 1989 and was legally registered in 1990 to support and develop student exchanges. It is present in more than 1,000 universities in 39 countries with about 14,000 active members, who are supported by so-called buddies in many sections, and who look after foreign students. In this way the ESN involves about 40,000 young people, offering its services to about 350,000 international students every year. It is a group of creative people involved in organizing events aimed at the promotion of student exchanges. 



IAESTE (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) is an organization that has existed for 70 years. Since its beginning, IAESTE has organized exchanges for 350,000 students, which play a key role in the development of young engineers and scientists. Over 70 years, the organization has grown to a considerable size, with members from over 85 countries and partnerships with over 5000 companies and institutions. The IAESTE TUL organizes paid professional internships abroad for students of the University. Under the international exchange programme students can go for an internship in a foreign company or university to one of the IAESTE member countries. The internships last from 6 weeks to 12 months. Students receive remuneration which covers the costs of accommodation, food, transport and cultural programme. During the internship students benefit from the induction programme prepared by IAESTE Local Committees, e.g.: cultural events, sightseeing in the city and country of internship, meetings with other interns, etc. IAESTE also takes care of all formalities related to the placement, including a work permit.


BEST Lodz Students Association has existed since 1998. Its main goal is to combine three environments: student, academic and business. Through various types of projects, it aims at creating an image of an engineer on a European scale, who is not afraid of challenges, is open to new experiences and is prepared to work on an international scale. BEST organizes events such as the EBEC (European Engineering Competition), Science Courses (BEST Courses), Day with an Employer, Academic Job Fairs and a City Game.


List of student organizations at Lodz University of Technology:

  • Sports Club of the Academic Sport Association at TUL,
  • Student Radio ŻAK,
  • PŁAZIK - Student Tourist Club,
  • TUL Motorcycle Club,
  • Academic Orchestra of TUL,
  • Academic Choir of TUL,
  • PoliŻongler- Juggling Club,
  • Petrolheads, Lodz University of Technology,
  • TUL Photo Club,
  • Council of Students with Disabilities,
  • IFE Sailing,
  • Student Association of the Beskid Mountains Guides,
  • RAPP Upstream Academic Movement,
  • NZS - Independent Students Association at TUL of the Łódź Region,
  • BEST - Łódź branch of the Board of European Students of Technology.