The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIP) at Lodz University of Technology supports the University's activities in the field of technology transfer and commercialization.

The overarching goal of the Center is to introduce new technologies into the economy, but also to disseminate knowledge through training on intellectual property in a broad sense.

CIP promotes Lodz University of Technology as a research center that offers innovative technologies of global standards. Since its inception, the unit has been involved in technology transfer to business. Through acquiring external funds within projects co-financing university technologies, it actively supports scientists.

The Center consists of three sections that undertake various activities:

  • The Technology Transfer Section is where qualified innovation brokers support scientists in discovering the business potential of patents and scientific research. The mission of the section is to transform knowledge and innovation into products and services that can change the surrounding reality.
  • The Patent Attorneys Section is a team of experts who assist creators - University employees - in the process of obtaining exclusive rights to industrial property items. The aim of the section is to protect innovations developed at the University so that they can benefit both creators and society.
  • The Startup - Spin-off Section is responsible for transforming innovative ideas into practice. It strengthens cooperation between students, scientists, entrepreneurs and investors. The task of the section is to support the development of modern technologies by creating and developing startups and spin-offs.

The activities undertaken by CIP are supported by a special purpose vehicle TULVENTURE Sp. z o.o. of Lodz University of Technology.

TULVENTURE is 100% owned by Lodz University of Technology. It was established to commercialize ideas developed at the university. It supports students and scientists in the initial phases of starting their own business, assisting with formalities related to company formation, providing legal and financial advice, and access to the infrastructure and resources of Lodz University of Technology. Thanks to this, the process of creating a startup or spin-off is more efficient and less complicated.

Scientists and researchers are invited to take advantage of our services in the field of technology transfer, obtaining exclusive rights, and developing their own company. Together, we can transform your research into innovative solutions that will find applications in industry and society. Contact us and learn about the opportunities awaiting you.

Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
3B Politechniki Street,
93-590 Lodz, Poland
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