The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Lodz University of Technology supports activities undertaken by the university in the field of transfer and commercialization of new technologies.

Our main aim is to introduce new technologies into economy, but also to disseminate knowledge by organizing training in the field of broadly understood intellectual property.

The Center provides training and consulting services mainly aimed at graduates and young scientists who want to implement their business ideas and set up their own companies. It also offers individual consultations with experts who can help their clients choose an effective strategy for technology commercialization and find a business partner.

The Center promotes Lodz University of Technology as a research hub offering innovative world-class technologies and, since the beginning of its existence as a technology transfer unit, it has been actively supporting scientists by obtaining external funding under ministerial projects that aim to subsidize university technologies.

The Centre also has a Quality Management System certificate in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard (it is the only university-wide unit in Poland with ISO in the field of knowledge transfer and commercialization of innovative technologies). The fact of having been awarded the ISO certificate demonstrates high quality of services offered by the Center and undoubtedly increases competitiveness in a knowledge-based economy, thus building a competitive advantage not only in business activity, but also in the field of science. Moreover, it reflects a standard that conforms to EU requirements. The innovative character of the organization corresponds to its adaptation to global tendencies in education, globalization, technological development and the growing demand for knowledge transfer from the university and carrying out research projects for industry. Having maintained certification since 2008 has required us to undergo regular audits and, as a result, to constantly strive for improving our efficiency and the effectiveness of all the processes.

Actions undertaken by the Center are supported by the special purpose vehicle TULVENTURE Sp. z o.o. of Lodz University of Technology.

Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
3B Politechniki Street,
93-590 Lodz, Poland
+ 48 42 631 20 41, + 48 42 631 21 41