Office, view from above: three men sit at a table, one of them in a wheelchair.


Students who encounter challenges in their studies due to their disabilities, illnesses or other difficulties can obtain additional support or equipment through contacting the Disabled Persons Office.


How do we help?

  • Support of educational consultants, who offer:
    • diagnostic interview,
    • recognition of your possible special educational needs, problems and barriers,
    • teaching tips for academics who teach you.
  • Technical support, including:

    • rental of digital and electronic equipment to assist specific disabilities,

    • assistance of sign language interpreters and translating devices,

    • specialist teaching infrastructure,

    • transport for persons in wheelchairs.

  • Financial support:

    • monthly scholarships for students with disabilities,

    • financial support for students in difficult situation,

    • covering the costs of individual organisation of studies.

  • Support of study assistants:

    • transport assistants,

    • lecture and laboratory participation assistance (taking notes, practical exercises assistance, etc.).

  • Organisation support:
    • adjusting exams to perception abilities of students with special needs,

    • specialised physical education,

    • specialized foreign language classes.

  • Psychological support (in Polish and English):
    • in crisis and emergency,

    • life and educational coaching (in Polish),

    • psychological workshops,

    • fostering: self-awareness, learning processes, social and intellectual development, decision making.

  • Addiction therapist support (in Polish).
  • Career guidance.
  • Workshops and meetings with employers or entrepreneurs with disabilities.

  • Integration meetings, events, camps, festivals.

A disabled man in a white shirt is sitting in a wheelchair. He holds a laptop on his lap and works on it.


Office for Students with Disabilities

Academic Help Centre

Lodz University of Technology

116 Żeromskiego Street, Lodz, building A30 (Campus A)

phone: +48 42 631 28 87, email:

If you have a physical, sensor or cognitive disability, a chronic disease, a mental disorder or experience other difficulties in studying:

  • REGISTER at the Office For Students with Disabilities in order to obtain support and to receive further guidance and information on your eligibility for particular forms of assistance,
  • SUBMIT an application for SCHOLARSHIP: if you have a disability certificate issued in Poland and you study at TUL under the conditions abiding to citizens of Poland. Please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities for specific rules, instructions and the form.
  • TALK to our psychologist
    You will book your first meeting via Academic Help Centre 
  • CONTACT the Coordinator for  Special Needs Support at your faculty 

A man and woman in wheelchairs with their arms spread out - pretending to fly.

List of Coordinators:

  • Material Technologies and Textile Design  Materiałowych i Wzornictwa Tekstyliów: dr  inż. Lucyna Herczyńska,