Employees who intend to take part in the project call for proposals, start writing an application, look for partners for their project or need help in its implementation can count on the support of the TUL Projects Center.

We have extensive experience and will be happy to help you in the following areas:

  • information about scientific, national and international programs and projects,

  • informing about the sources of financing of scientific and research projects and other undertakings, including searching for opportunities to participate in national and international calls for proposals,

  • advice on draft projects and participation in their preparation,

  • formal and technical evaluation of project feasibility and formal assessment of project documentation,

  • monitoring of the physical implementation of projects and maintenance of performance indicators during the sustainability period.

The Projects Center also conducts trainings, seminars and webinars. They are adjusted to individual needs of participants. We look forward to hearing from you and agreeing on the topic and date of the meeting: phone +48 42 631 21 07.

The unit prepares and publishes a newsletter, where current information about, among others, the dates of calls for projects or practical information about their implementation is presented. We encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter. To do so, please write an e-mail to karina.barantseva@p.lodz.pl with a request to subscribe to this service.

Projects Center
116 Żeromskiego Street
90-543 Lodz, Poland
building A33, second floor (building of the Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design)
+48 42 631 20 82, +48 42 631 28 71, +48 42 631 21 07 fax +48 42 636 60 77
International Educational Projects Division of the ICC
36 Zwirki Street
90-539 Lodz, Poland
bud. A-16, pok. 110
+48 42 638 38 72