Scientific work carried out in the laboratories of Lodz University of Technology contributes to the improvement of the quality of life, introduction of new technologies and development of many industries.

Researchers from Lodz University of Technology accomplish many interdisciplinary projects which deal with current problems of the society. They discover an extraordinary and fascinating world of science, working in their laboratories on a daily basis. They explain the methods, goals and effects of their long-term work in an accessible way.

An extended range endoscope will assist doctors in treating the digestive system.
Innovative system of color reading using sounds. It is based on a motion sensor and algorithm of mapping images to sound.
Thanks to the cooperation of doctors and engineers at TUL, research contributing to the improvement of the heart valve is carried out.
Nonwovens that meet the needs of agriculture can be used, for example, in the mulching and cover periods.
It allows to examine the viewer's reactions and emotions during the film projection, as well as to improve image quality in 3D productions.
These materials will increase the safety of building users. They improve fire resistance and protect wires in fire conditions.
The study of biogenic crystals formed in the human urinary tract allows us to learn about substances inhibiting the formation and growth of kidney stones.
Access to chemical methods developed at TUL helps criminologists in their work.
Innovative, biodegradable packaging will allow consumers to evaluate the quality of their food, medical products and daily household goods.