University of the Third Age (UTW) of Lodz University of Technology has been operating since 2006, responding to the educational needs of seniors. The activity of UTW at TUL is aimed at psychophysical and social stimulation of the elderly.

TUL's Third Age University

Classes at University of the Third Age take place during the academic year which includes two semesters. Students take part in popular science lectures covering topics related to scientific and technical achievements, health care, legal proceedings. In addition, there are lectures on religious studies, psychology and sociology, as well as Polish history, history of art, music, theater and film, tourism, economics and activities of the European Union. Additionally, students of UTW at TUL can develop their skills in the following sections: information technology, new technologies, foreign languages, art, history, bridge, tourism, as well as enjoy various gymnastics classes and a swimming pool in the Sports Bay of Lodz University of Technology. The University is very popular.

TUL's Children's University

The Children's University of Lodz (ŁUD) was founded at Lodz University of Technology in 2008. - It was the first in Poland to operate at a technical university. Lectures, classes in laboratories, demonstrations prepared by scientists are addressed to children aged 7-17 years. Young students develop their curiosity about the world by playing they learn about the secrets of the scientific world. The Children's University of Lodz also implements educational projects, winning grants, among others, from the Ministry of Education and Science for the University of the Young Explorer, from the Boening company for the Miniphänomenta mini science center.

ŁUD is very popular among students from the whole Lodz province.

The Foundation of Lodz University of Technology was established in 2011 for the university's academic environment, with particular emphasis on students. Its activities are to support the acquisition of funds that support the education of students, their scientific-research and development activities, as well as the integration of the academic community. Thanks to the support of the Foundation it was possible to organize many scientific conferences, trainings and competitions, in which the most talented students received support for further scientific development. The projects implemented by the Foundation also include activities benefiting disabled students. They are aimed at engaging the academic youth, developing their interpersonal skills, breaking the existing stereotypes concerning disabled people, and creating conditions that increase the chances and possibilities of students. At the same time, since 2012 the Foundation of Lodz University of Technology has been the Administrator of ICT Polska Centralna Klaster (Polish Central Cluster), which brings together the three largest universities in Lodz, business environment institutions and the most dynamic and innovative companies in the IT industry in Lodz. In 2013.

The Foundation started its medical activity - Centre of Diagnostics and Laser Therapy, offering medical services.

TUL's General Secondary School

The Public Secondary School of Lodz University of Technology was founded in 2007 and is one of the best secondary schools in Poland. The students of the Secondary School are very successful - they are winners and finalists of competitions and Olympiads, also international. The talents of the students are appreciated by the founders of various scholarships, including the Scholarship of the National Children's Fund, the Scholarship of the Marshal of Lodz Voivodeship. Our students are among the best high school graduates and start studying at national and international universities.

The school community is very integrated, the students know each other and respect the traditions of the school, among others by wearing school uniforms.