Internationalisation is a strategic goal of Lodz University of Technology, therefore we continue to expand the group of partner institutions from all over the world.


TUL also has a rich tradition of education delivered in foreign languages, which is coordinated by the International Cooperation Centre (CWM) (which includes the International Faculty of Engineering (IFE) established in 1992). Students can study different fields of study in English or French.

Every year about 1,000 foreign students study at Lodz University of Technology, both full-time and under exchange programmes. Students of Lodz University of Technology have the opportunity to obtain a double diploma under partnership agreements with universities in France, Germany, China, Russia or Italy.

Lodz University of Technology is a leader in student mobility. It offers mobility opportunities as a part of studies or internships under a number of international programs. It is possible, among other things, thanks to close and fruitful cooperation with universities from all over the world. A high number of partnerships of about 400 (agreements within the Erasmus+ programme, as well as cooperation agreements) is a proof of that. Details can be found at CWM website.

TUL is among the top universities in student mobility under the Erasmus+ programme and proudly carries the title of "Mobility Friendly University". It is also the leader in the number of students participating in long-term international summer internships under the IAESTE programme. Doctoral

students of Lodz University of Technology also participate in bilateral foreign exchange.

Internationalisation of education at TUL also takes place through academic exchange of teaching and administrative staff. Thanks to the growing staff qualifications, the quality of education and all other activities related to education is rising. Staff mobility is coordinated by CWM. More information about it is available on the CWM website.

The University carries out many educational projects in cooperation with foreign partners.

The International Projects Section, operating within the International Cooperation Center, coordinates the application and implementation of projects under programs such as Erasmus+, Visegrad Fund, CEEPUS, NAWA programs and others. More information can be found on the CWM website.

In 2017, IFE, in collaboration with the French Embassy in Poland and the International Association Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), opened the prestigious and long-standing French Academy of Young Engineers (FAMI) project, engaging young people in international projects based on modern technologies and social challenges. Lodz University of Technology is a member of the European Society for Engineering Education, which deals with the problem of engineering education in Europe.

International accreditations are an important aspect of raising the quality of education in particular degree programs offered at TUL, which, apart from quality certification of a given programme, allows for its improvement according to the highest world standards. As part of international programme accreditations, Lodz University of Technology has joined 17 ENAEE (European Network for Engineering Accreditation) programme accreditations, 2 ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) programme accreditations, 3 ECTN (European Chemistry Thematic Network) programme accreditations. The high quality of education in foreign languages and the university's commitment to quality development of language competences has been confirmed by the international accreditation EAQUALS (European Association for Quality Language Services) granted to the Language Centre at TUL.