Lodz University of Technology Careers Office is dedicated to students and graduates as well as companies and institutions from the business environment.

Overview photo: Handshake between two smiling men.

Our mission is to advance the careers of future professionals and effectively connect them with employers.

The office operates in three key areas:

  1. connecting future professionals with employers:
  • industry events such as Academic Job Fair, Business in Practice, to name a few,

  • job, internship and apprenticeship placement and support in recruitment processes through pre-selection of candidates.

  1. Enhancing company recognition among students:
  • events and competitions, such as: The Best Employer Competition,

  • organisation of presentations, trainings, meetings with students at faculties.

  1. Development of professional and entrepreneurial skills and competences in response to labour market needs:
  • trainings, workshops, competitions, development programs such as: Lodz IT Test, Młodzi w Łodzi Competition, I have a Startup Idea!

  • certified tests of professional qualifications,

  • career consulting, career coaching,

  • business consulting and business coaching.

Careers Office
3a Politechniki Street
93-590 Lodz, Poland
+48 42 631 20 98, fax +48 42 631 27 39