Poland is a student-friendly country, with a rich educational offer which allows for the development of competences, skills and knowledge. 

The Polish system of higher education comprises over 400 institutions and more than 1,300,000 students. The educational offer is very extensive, and it is possible to study both in Polish and English. Here, you can study niche fields as well as take advantage of opportunities offered by student life.


The Students' Parliament of the Republic of Poland and the European Student Network (ESN) have prepared a special guide for you, in which you will find answers to questions such as why it is worth studying in Poland, what the education system looks like and a lot of practical information that will make you feel at home.

There are many ways to enjoy your stay here and each will allow you to experience first-hand that Poland is a great place for students. Thanks to this handbook, you will be able to learn more about all these possibilities. 

Polish culture

Polish culture is vibrant and ancient. Our Slavic identity is multifaceted and stems from a history rich in events, as well as the influence of other cultures and significant individuals. Poles are very proud of their country, so it is essential that you respect the place you will be living in for the coming months or years. At the same time, take advantage of all that Poland has to offer, because here you can not only admire beautiful sights but also learn about people who have made a significant contribution to the world in various fields. The best way to experience and understand Polish culture is to talk to Polish people. Ask them about customs, national holidays and anything you find interesting or different from what you are used to.

While you are in Poland, visit various places – such as museums, castles or historical monuments – and become acquainted with the place you will be living in. Travel, explore, taste, and pay attention to details and interesting cultural elements.

Curious about what to see? What to visit? Where to go and how to diversify your weekend plans in Poland?

Here is a list of our recommendations!

Remember, if you come to Poland once, you will always want to return. We are not kidding.