TUL conducts scientific research and technological development activities, and provides research staff with training of the best, world-class standard, whilst adhering to the principles of academic freedom, freedom of expression, and upholding academic integrity.

People are the University's greatest capital. They define its strength and its standing in the academic community.

Highly-competent research staff are the bedrock of sustainable scientific development and technological advancement. Ensuring that researchers are provided with favourable and secure working environment furthers these objectives.

Ideas, scientific concepts and creative endeavours are only possible if people are genuinely engaged.  Everyone counts in the organization because they all bring their knowledge, skills, and experience to build its worth. 

Lodz University of Technology is committed to provide its researchers with optimal environment to advance, convey, exchange, and disseminate knowledge, and it fosters and encourages their professional development. The University leadership, mindful of the challenges of the day, recognize the imperative need to provide adequate conditions to conduct and disseminate research. Therefore building strong research teams and doing research of the highest-achievable standard is one of the key goals determining the strategic direction for the University's development.

Having regard to the above considerations and aiming for further strong growth, Lodz University of Technology undertakes strategic actions arising from the application of the principles set out in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, in the following areas:

  1. Ethical and professional aspects

    Lodz University of Technology is guided by the principles of professional ethics, interpersonal relations, academic research, and generally accepted ethical practices applicable to the scientific community, as set out in the Code of Ethics. Furthermore, it is committed to the dissemination of research findings and mindful of the impact research has on the society and the economy.
  2. Recruitment and selection

    The University is introducing a standardized mechanism for the monitoring of recruitment. It promotes counseling services on personality traits of candidates for members of selection committees. Recruitment committees are trained in conducting competitive recruitment proceedings.
  3. Working conditions

    Feedback from incoming and exiting staff is solicited on an ongoing basis. Assistance is provided to doctoral candidates and young researchers in applying for research grants. Measures have been taken to increase the number of foreign researchers and facilitate formation of research groups. Regulations for research internships have been developed to facilitate the mobility of researchers. Lodz University of Technology is committed to adhering to the Gender Equality Plan. Coaching is being developed to support professional development of academic staff.
  4. Training and development

    Lodz University of Technology strengthens research capacity of its researchers by organizing regular training courses that raise their professional competence, facilitate effective application for grants, and help disseminate research results in Poland and abroad. The objective of these efforts is to strengthen the University's relationships with the economic environment and with international partners.