The rector's committee operates at TUL, which is responsible for the implementation of the plans defined in the application to the IDUB program.

The implementation plan of the IDUB program is aimed at achieving the following strategic goals:

  • scientific excellence,
  • internationalization,
  • high quality of education (students and doctoral students),
  • effective management of the University,
  • staff development,
  • technology transfer and cooperation with the economic environment and research units.

For each of the above strategic goals, specific objectives and activities leading to their achievement were defined. 
Participation in the "Excellence Initiative - Research University" program gives TUL an additional budget in the amount of 2% of the basic subsidy. These funds enable the University to take new measures to improve the quality of research at TUL. One of them is the introduction of awards supporting the scientific excellence of staff, doctoral students and students. The rules are available on the Wikamp platform