Lodz University of Technology has been inspiring young people to learn the secrets of science for years. In our laboratories, under the supervision of specialists, high school students learn to use the latest achievements of science to explore the surrounding world.


Lodz University of Technology maintains a permanent didactic cooperation with over 120 high schools from Central Poland. As part of the Door Always Open action, young students of science can choose from almost 200 proposals of lectures, classes and workshops conducted a Lodz University of Technology. It is an inspiring journey into the world of mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science and biology, as well as a valuable addition to the core curriculum.

Schools that want to develop the skills of their students in science can apply for patronage of Lodz University of Technology. We provide patronage to more than 50 institutions from the region, and the number of partner schools is still growing. Thanks to constant didactic cooperation, the students can take advantage of regular classes conducted by the academic staff of Lodz University of Technology, as well as carry out experiments with the use of modern laboratory equipment. The cooperation inspires the students, providing them with the best tools for development and promotes the exchange of experience between teachers and the scientific and didactic staff of Lodz University of Technology.

Lodz University of Technology willingly shares its advanced knowledge and helps students to make the most of their potential. Every year, thematic competitions for young people are held at various departments of the university. First Step to Nobel Prize is an online physics competition organized at the Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering, whose winners can apply for admission to TUL without a qualification procedure. In turn, the Chemistry Competition of the Three Faculties of Lodz University of Technology enables students who have advanced knowledge at the secondary school-leaving level to be admitted to the first year of studies at the Faculties of: Chemical, Biotechnology and Food Sciences as well as Process and Environmental Engineering. The Competition for Team Development of Computer Games is very popular among students. Competition participants have the opportunity to present their game and innovation prototypes to representatives of universities and companies from the technology industry.

Taking care of students graduating from high school and planning to study, Lodz University of Technology holds online mock exams in physics, chemistry and mathematics at all examination levels. Candidates for studies also have many opportunities to visit the campus of Lodz University of Technology as well as take part in numerous scientific festivals, competitions and open days.

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Institute of Physics
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