In the following years, further faculties and units of the university were established:

1945 – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (currently Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering) Faculty of Chemistry;

1947 -Faculty of Textiles– currently Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design;

1950 - Faculty of Food Chemistry –currently Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences;

1956 – Faculty of Civil Engineering– currently Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering;

1969 – Branch of Lodz University of Technology in Bielsko-Biała;

1970 - Institute of Chemical Engineering with faculty rights – currently Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering;

1970 - Interfaculty Institute of Papermaking and Paper Machinery – currently Institute of Papermaking and Printing;

1976 - Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics – currently Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics;

1981 - Faculty of Machine Construction in the Bielsko-Biała Branch;

1991 – Faculty of Organisation and Management;

1991 – Computer Centre;

1992 - Faculty of Textile Engineering and Environmental Protection in the Bielsko-Biała Branch;

1993 - International Faculty of Engineering - currently Centrum Kształcenia Międzynarodowego (International Faculty of Engineering);

1994 – Laser Diagnostic and Therapy Centre;

2001 - The Bielsko-Biała Branch transformed into an independent university;

2009 – Spatial Economy College;

2011 – Logistics College;

2011 – Commodity Science College;

2015 – Information Technology Centre;

2017 – TUL Sports and Education Centre "Sports Bay";

2017 – International Cooperation Centre.