Karim Otrok, Student of TUL

I always wanted to study abroad to discover a new culture, meet new people and to become independent. I chose TUL because of the unique programme that the university offers. more ...

Karim Otrok
Student of the Faculty of Management and Production Engineering

Portrait photo: smiling Wioletta Chmurska. The purple walls of the room in the background.

In the Automatic Control and Robotics programme we can program a robot ourselves, write a program for a CNC machine, or programme a car controlled via Bluetooth! more...

Wioletta Chmurska
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Hope Ugoala, student at TUL

Poland is an attractive destination for a lot of international students and that allowed me to connect with people from all over the world.

Hope Ugoala
Student of the International Faculty of Engineering

Aleksandra Ołowska, Student of TUL

Studying architecture is a never-ending inspiration. Imagination takes on a different dimension! I love to travel and admire the architectural gems that I am learning about here at Lodz University of Technology. more...

Aleksandra Ołowska
Student of the International Faculty of Engineering

Damian Kozanecki, Student of TUL

Civil Egineering allows you to change the environment, have a real impact on its appearance and functioning. Lodz University of Technology gives me the opportunity to reconcile my studies and my professional work. more...

Damian Kozanecki
Student of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering

Portrait photo: Anna Szczepanska wearing a light jumper against a light background.

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering is the art of functional use of knowledge in everyday life and in large-scale productions in the chemical, pharmaceutical, energy and food industries. By studying within this programme I can participate in creating solutions that improve the quality of people's lives. more...

Anna Szczepańska
Student of the Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering

Michał Ślusarczyk

Manager of  Food and Nutrition is the best choice for those who are interested in biology, but instead of working in a laboratory want to develop their entrepreneurship and be active in business. more...

Michał Ślusarczyk
Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences
Faculty of Management and Production Engineering

Zdjęcie portretowe: Kamil Kupiński w niebieskiej koszuli w kropki na tle jasnej ściany.

Mechatronics programme is very practical. You will learn to design and manufacture your own PCBs, operate electric motors as well as control industrial robots. more...

Kamil Kupiński
Student of the  Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering

Portrait photo: Kateryna Bodko in blue jacket and light t-shirt on a grey wall.

Lodz University of Technology gave me a chance to develop and show my skills. I came to Poland to study at Lodz University of Technology. Was it a good choice? Of course! more...

Kateryna Bodko
International Faculty of Engineering 

Adrian Wulkiewicz in a blue polo shirt holds a gold cup and has a gold medal around his neck. The swimming pool in the background.

Thanks to studying environmental engineering I can learn in one of the most modern laboratories in Europe. I am getting construction qualifications and I train water polo to match the European Champion 2019 title. more...

Adrian Wulkiewicz

Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering

Portrait photograph: Tomasz Kaczmarek wearing a checkered shirt against a white wall.

Studying mechanical engineering is one great adventure in which you will get to know the engineering world millimeter by millimeter. You will gain knowledge in every sphere of the world of mechanics. more...

Tomasz Kaczmarek

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering