Lodz University of Technology is a place of many cultural events. For many years, we have hosted concerts, meetings with personalities from the world of culture and art, vernissages, screenings, shows, festivals.


The Student Radio "Zak", broadcasting around the clock on the frequency of 88.8 MHz, has been operating for over 60 years! It is here that many of today's well-known Polish radio journalists gained their first professional experience.

A little younger is our Academic Choir, which has been performing for 45 years. It is one of the best amateur choirs in Poland. The students who form it share a passion for singing and working on their repertoire, which includes music of various styles and periods. Part of their rich artistic output has been released on three CDs.


The youngest musical child of Lodz University of Technology is the Academic Orchestra. It has been active since 2005, but it has already made some significant appearances, e.g. it played in the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Its repertoire includes classical and popular pieces as well as film music.


The series Music at Lodz University of Technology, which has been attracting music lovers for over 25 years, is also very popular.


The Thursday Culture Forum has a long tradition at Lodz University of Technology. It is an excellent opportunity to meet outstanding artists, intriguing personalities, well-known and widely recognized artists.


At Lodz University of Technology there is also Przedsionek Literacki (Literary Atrium) . - a place to meet and talk with writers about their books. Meetings are held in the Biblio-Art Gallery in the Library of Lodz University of Technology