The strategy for TUL for the years 2020-2025 consists in a gradual and consistent realization of the SAIL concept indicating the four priorities of TUL and the areas of strategic activities which, together with the University's mission and vision, delineate the map of TUL strategy.

If one knows not what harbor one seeks, no wind is favorable.

Seneka - Roman poet and philosopher

Vision and mission

To each of the 12 defined areas strategic objectives have been assigned, the implementation of which shall ensure that TUL achieves the status of an innovative research university of high international rank.

1. To achieve the highest categories, research powers and authorities in the disciplines in which the University conducts research
2. To enhance research activity and applicability of research results in the country and the world
3. To foster a robust and thriving Doctoral School
1. To continually improve competencies of academic and administrative staff
2. To implement good human resources practices to enhance staff engagement and workplace environment of the University
3. To support staff mobility
1. Student engagement in research, community outreach, organisational activities, and academic sports
2. Student self-governance based on equal partnership and genuine commitment
3. Individualised approach to students
4. Advancement of national and international student collaboration
1. Reinforcing the identity and a positive image of the University
2. Cultivating an open and innovative organisational culture of the University
3. Tolerance and careful diversity management
1. Coherent and flexible strategic management of the University
2. Continual improvement of the organisational structure of the University
3. Transparency and increased efficiency of the University management systems
1. To increase social responsibility of the University
2. To promote standards of ethical conduct in the University
1. Holistic approach to internationalisation of the University
2. Intensification of internationalisation of the academic community
3. Furthering international renown of Lodz University of Technology
1. Stimulating innovative research and activity in relationship with the economic and social environment
2. Active participation of the University in the development of the regional innovation system
3. Championing creative innovation attitudes in the academic community
1. Development of infrastructure aimed to enhance the quality of research
2. Development of infrastructure aimed to enable modern teaching and learning
3. Development of sports and leisure infrastructure of the University
1. Modern methods, innovative programmes, flexible learning paths
2. Integration of science and learning
3. Promoting the idea of lifelong learning
1. Augmenting cooperation with business and industry, technology transfer and commercialization
2. Active cooperation with public administration
3. Reinforcing cooperation with higher education and other educational institutions
1. Greater professionalisation of university management
2. Insistence on teamworking in the academic community
3. Eclectic approach to leadership to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the University's activity