Authored on 01/25/2023 - 11:41
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Announcement of the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs TUL of 30 May 2022 on the amounts of particular types of benefits for students and participants of doctoral studies at Lodz University of Technology in the academic year 2022/23.

1. A social scholarship/social scholarship in an increased amount may be awarded to a student/doctoral student who is in a difficult financial situation, whose documented monthly income per family member in 2021 did not exceed PLN 1,051 net.

2. The amount of the social scholarship is the difference between the amount referred to in 1 and the monthly net income per person in the family of a student/doctoral student in 2021, increased by a fixed amount of PLN 400. The total amount of the social scholarship awarded is as follows:

- maximum – PLN 1451,

- minimum – PLN 500 per month.

3. The amount of the increase in the social scholarship – PLN 500 per month.

4. The amount of the scholarship for disabled persons depends on the degree of disability of a student /doctoral student and is as follows, respectively:

1) for a significant degree of disability – PLN 600 per month;

2) for a moderate degree of disability – PLN 550 per month;

3) for a mild degree of disability – PLN 500 per month

5. Rector's scholarship for students.

1) The amount of the Rector's scholarship for students in the 2nd year and higher years at first cycle studies and students at second cycle studies is as follows:

a. basic scholarship – PLN 700 per month;

b. increase in the scholarship – PLN 500 per month

2) The minimum number of ranking points entitling to receive a basic scholarship is 75.

3) The minimum number of ranking points entitling to receive an increase in the scholarship is 150.

4) The amount of the Rector's scholarship for first-year students of first-cycle studies, winners of international subject competitions or winners or finalists of central-level subject competitions, referred to in the regulations on the subject competitions system, is as follows:

a. PLN 1,200 per month – if the profile of the Subject Competition is consistent with the field of exact and natural sciences or the field of technical and engineering sciences, and in the case of fields of study at the Faculty of Management and Production Engineering and fields of study: Business and Technology, Business Studies and Gestion et Technologies at the International Faculty of Engineering also with the field of social sciences;

b. PLN 700 per month – if the profile of the subject competition is other than that specified in point a

5) The amount of the Rector's scholarship for 1st year students of first-cycle studies who are medallists in at least competitions for the title of Polish Champion in a given sport, as specified in the regulations on sports is PLN 700 per month.

6. The Rector's scholarship for doctoral students is PLN 1,600 per month.

7. Assistance allowances.

1) The amount of the assistance allowance may range from PLN 100 to PLN 2000.

2) In cases referred to in Chapter V (8) of the Regulations of Benefits for Students of Lodz University of Technology, the maximum amount of the student allowance is PLN 2,000.

8. The applicable income from 1 ha of conversion area is currently PLN 3819 per year (amount for 2020). The amount applicable in the academic year 2022/23 will be communicated to students/doctoral students by means of an Announcement, after it has been published by the Central Statistical Office, by 23 September 2022.

9. The total monthly amount of scholarships paid to one student/doctoral student - social and Rector’s scholarships for students/doctoral students – may not exceed PLN 2435.80 (38% of the professor's remuneration).

10. The amount of monthly income per person in the family for which the student is obliged to submit, together with the application for a social scholarship, a valid certificate from a social assistance centre on his/her and his/her family's income and financial situation (referred to in Chapter VII (9) of the above mentioned Regulations) – PLN 600 net.

11. The minimum amount of monthly income of a student/a doctoral student at which he/she may apply for a social scholarship without evincing the income earned by the persons referred to in Chapter VII (3) is PLN 930.35 net.

NOTE: The amounts referred to in 1, 10 and 11 are conditional upon the provisions of higher-level acts and are subject to amendments. Possible changes will be communicated to students/doctoral students in subsequent announcements.