Lodz University of Technology offers excellent research and developmental work opportunities and facilitates professional development of its academic staff at the highest, world-class level, in accordance with the principles of scientific freedom and freedom of creativity, with respect for academic values.

Employees are the University's greatest asset, strengthening its position in the academic world.

The expansion of science and technology relies greatly on highly qualified scientific and research staff. Therefore ensuring secure and stable working conditions for scholars contributes to the achievement of research goals.

New ideas and concepts in science and art originate as a result of human activity. Every individual employee plays an important role in the structure of an organisation, as each of them contributes to its culture with their unique knowledge, skills and experience.

Lodz University of Technology provides researchers with relevant environment for creating, transferring, exchanging and disseminating knowledge. Furthermore, it fosters their professional development. The University authorities, aware of contemporary world challenges, recognize the need to provide proper conditions for scientific research, also in terms of departments supporting the implementation and promotion of research results. Creating strong research teams and conducting highest-quality research based on existing world standards are the key challenges defining TUL’s strategic development plan.

In view of the above, with an aim for further dynamic growth, Lodz University of Technology undertakes strategic planning actions, resulting from the implementation of the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for Recruitment of Researchers. These include the following areas:

  1.  Implementation of good practices in employee recruitment process and strengthening administrative staff competences.

    Implementation of good practices in the process of recruitment and ensuring administrative staff competences and high quality work is intended to facilitate and improve both the process of hiring academic staff at Lodz University of Technology and creating jobs for competent and ambitious staff, promoting equality in hiring and recruitment, recognition of qualifications, non-discrimination as well as openness, effectiveness, and transparency of the entire recruitment process.
  2.  Enhancing staff mobility.

    Lodz University of Technology promotes various forms of mobility - geographical, internal and external, intersectoral – between industries and between the private and the public sector – and emphasizes its significance for the growth of the University, considering staff mobility as a tool for acquiring, broadening and exchanging the employees’ scientific knowledge, at every stage of their research careers.TUL is open to new solutions and seeks to promote good practices among its academic and administrative staff.

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the University’s employees mobility has been subject to many restrictions. As a result, emphasis has been placed on establishing new international partnerships and promoting research through the use of modern digital tools.

  3.  Promotion and dissemination of research results.

    The University strives to continually disseminate its research results, carrying out numerous and diverse activities which support a coherent and systematic implementation of the predefined policy. It is open to new communication technologies and consistently intensifies its efforts to disseminate knowledge and research results. Lodz University of Technology is a university accessible to everyone and it strives to widely popularise both the results of its scientific research and the promotional events it holds.
  1.  Career guidance and support for young academics.

    Lodz University of Technology, in an effort to develop the competencies and skills of its scientific staff, supports young scientists in planning their professional careers, making them aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen career path and raising their awareness of the significance of the decision, as well as offering consulting and advisory services in terms of acquiring external funding. The University emphasises the benefits of both individual work and teamwork and offers various forms of encouragement to researchers to help them achieve their full potential.
  1.  Specialized training courses in commercialisation and knowledge transfer and other forms of support within the scope of cooperation with industry.

    Commercialisation and technology transfer are important steps in the process of developing a knowledge-based economy and as such are undertaken at Lodz University of Technology within the scope of active cooperation with industry and other sectors of economy. The University, recognising the benefits of collaboration with business for ensuring technological progress and improving the quality of society's life, supports scientists in acquiring skills and practical knowledge in the area of knowledge transfer and commercialisation of scientific research. Trainings for researchers are also an opportunity for an exchange of experiences and good practices, as well as a chance to explore the world of academia in search of new sources of sustainable competitive advantage, and ways of strengthening the University's growth potential. TUL is open to university-business cooperation: enabling scientists to present research results and establishing cooperation with various sectors of the economy are its objectives.