Authored on 01/18/2024 - 11:02
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We invite students of Lodz University of Technology to take advantage of the new learning opportunities for the summer semester 2023/2024, prepared by the universities associated in the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU).


For students who want to gain additional knowledge and skills in an international environment, 47 challenges and micro-modules are waiting. The deadline for applications, for most offers, expires at the end of January. Detailed descriptions are available on the ECIU website.

Micro-modules and challenges are very diverse in terms of topics, they can be conducted online, hybrid, or stationary in the form of short trips. Each of them has assigned ECTS points, which the student can use in their course of study, for elective subjects or add the completion of the course to the diploma supplement.

In the case of challenges, real problems are chosen for implementation, such as those faced by specific communities. Diverse teams of students are engaged in their implementation, so that they can jointly develop a possible solution, closely cooperating with international companies, organizations, and local communities.

Micro-modules are short courses aimed at improving skills, supplementing knowledge, and broadening perspectives on various topics: from urban data analysis to gender /studies, language courses, and many others.

Participation in challenges and micro-modules is a good opportunity to develop your own network of contacts and cooperate with representatives of business companies, public organizations or non-governmental organizations from various environments, as well as with other students, lecturers, and experts.

More information on the ECIU website.