Portrait photo: Prof. Witold Pawłowski, Assoc. Prof. Eng, in a blue jacket, white shirt and a tie against a grey background.

Vice-Rector for Student Affairs

Associate Professor Witold Pawłowski Ph.D., D.Sc.

90-924 Lodz, Poland, 10/12 Ks. I. Skorupki Street

phone +48 42 631 20 90,  +48 42 631 21 33

fax +48 42 631 27 62 90-924



Biographical note

Witold Pawłowski graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, TUL, in 1990, whereas in 1991 he took up the post of research associate at the Institute of Machine Tools and Production Engineering. In 1999 he earned his doctoral degree with honors and took up the position of assistant professor. In 2011Also at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, TUL, he was awarded his postdoctoral degree (doktor habilitowany). In 2016-2019 he held the position of associate professor, and in 2019 he was appointed professor of the university. In the years 2008-2012 he was the Deputy Dean for part-time and doctoral students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Since 2016 he has served as vice-rector for student affairs. During his tenure, he has coordinated the implementation of changes in regulatory provisions concerning students and doctoral students in the wake of the Act 2.0 - Law on Higher Education and Science coming into force. He has spearheaded the development and introduction of the new Academic Regulations at TUL.

Dr hab. inż. Witold Pawłowski's research interests concern the construction and operation of manufacturing machines, in particular the dynamics of machine tools and the machining process. A major result of his studies has been the development of a novel, original method of vibratory grinding, which was the subject of his postdoctoral dissertation.

Witold Pawłowski's research output has been published in more than 60 papers, including 12 on the list of the Journal Citation Reports, one monograph, two monograph chapters and several dozen experience reports, presentations, and papers presented at seminars, national and international conferences. He is a co-author of two patents and three patent applications. He has participated in twelve research projects, including on grinding electrospindles, tolerance diagnosis for fits in industrial robots, building Robin Heart - a Polish cardiac surgery robotic system, designing the vibratory grinding method. He has been a principal investigator in two EU grants, and currently is head of a grant under the Intelligent Development Programme of the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy.

In 2007-2019 he was a member of the Division of Systems Dynamics of the Committee of Mechanics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is a member of the Machine Tools and Tools Scientific Society (Towarzystwo Naukowe Obrabiarek i Narzędzi) and the Control and Drives Section (Sekcja Sterowania i Napędów) of the Polish Society of Mechanical Engineers and Technicians. He is also a member of the Scientific Society of Łódź and serves on the editorial board of MECHANIK scientific technical monthly.