Authored on 05/08/2024 - 11:33
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On 8 May, the first edition of Mobility Picnic, an outdoor event funded by the Erasmus+ programme, took place on the campus of Lodz University of Technology.

Written by mgr Małgorzata Malczyk-Spodenkiewicz, International Cooperation Centre TUL


The initiative was launched to continue the idea of TUL's flagship event, Mobility Week, and its main aim was to remind the academic community of the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ programme, though not only.

During the picnic, students and staff of Lodz University of Technology had a chance not only to enquire about exchange mobility, but also find out details about the offer of the ECIU consortium, Alliance Française or the Foundation for the Development of the Education System represented by Erasmus InnHUB Łódź.

The spring weather helps relax and have fun, and this is what the organisers from TUL International Cooperation Centre set their sights on. In addition to the useful information, there were many gastronomic attractions, as well as typical entertainment.

Participants in the event tasted national dishes prepared by students from eight countries. They also had the chance to return to their childhood by tasting roasted corn, candyfloss and lemonade. After refreshments, each picnicker could enjoy team games, yoga, face painting or giant soap bubbles.

– We are committed to the international and intercultural integration of the academic community. Such events show that the university is a friendly place where you can discuss the vital issues, but also have fun in a relaxed atmosphere

– stresses Dr inż. Dorota Piotrowska, TUL Prof., Director of the ICC TUL and University Coordinator of the Erasmus+ Programme.

The four-hour event took place in the Bishop Michał Klepacz Park, which is part of Lodz University of Technology. The picnic is also planned to be organised in the following years so that it becomes a permanent feature in the calendar of events at Lodz University of Technology.