Analysis and evaluation of production and logistics in the Industry 4.0 era.

The development of modern technologies requires rapid adaptation of processes to changing conditions.

preview, Analysis and evaluation of production and logistics in the Industry 4.0 era

The advent of the Industry 4.0 era creates a need for companies to analyse and assess the level of process innovation and identify areas that need to be adapted to new challenges. 

The implementation of 4.0 solutions will increase process innovation, efficiency and effectiveness of processes and improve working conditions in positions classified as heavy and dangerous. 

The offer prepared by the Department of Production Management and Logistics is addressed to enterprises introducing process innovations in the field of implementing Industry 4.0 tools.


Analysis and assessment of production and logistics processes in circular economy.

The circular economy creates a number of needs and challenges for companies, especially in the area of analysing and assessing the level of process innovation and in the context of implementing new solutions.

preview, Analysis and assessment of production and logistics processes in circular economy

This service developed by the Department of Production Management and Logistics provides tools for the assessment of circular economy processes using appropriate methods and for identifying areas requiring adaptation to new challenges. Implementation of solutions in the circular economy aims at increasing innovation as well as process efficiency and effectiveness.

The offer will be of interest to companies introducing process innovations in the circular economy and process economy.


Analysis of the readiness of a technology for commercialization. 

This service is based on established methods, although not widely used by those unfamiliar with advanced business courses.

preview, Analysis of the readiness of a technology for commercialization

This service prepared by the Department of Innovation and Marketing is provided based on the analysis of factors such as the uniqueness of the idea for a technology or product, the readiness of the idea for implementation, market size in the industry, estimated margin, market competition, the nature of the market or ease of entry to the market. 

The offer will be of interest to academic employees, students, start-ups, spin-offs and spin-outs, companies searching for new technologies and Technology Transfer Centres.


Life cycle assessment for products and processes. 

preview, Life cycle assessment for products and processes

Application of the life cycle assessment method to determine the environmental impact of products or industrial processes, taking into account the impact exerted by individual life phases.

The results of the life cycle assessment prepared by the Institute of Social Sciences and Management of Technologies can be used to effectively reduce the environmental impact of technological processes and for marketing purposes. Access to this type of service is limited in Poland. 

The offer will be of interest to manufacturing companies.


Business model designing support.

This service aims to support the development of a business model for people setting up a business as well as to support business model optimization by implementing broadly understood innovations in already operating companies.

preview, Business model designing support

This service supports companies in shaping or optimizing their business models developed by the Department of Innovation and Marketing is based on the CANVAS method supported by 7S Mc-Kinsey analysis. The offer brings benefits such as increased operational awareness when starting or developing a business. 

Support in business design is intended for academics, students and other individuals who want to launch a start-up, spin-off and spin-out company as well as for already operating small businesses.


LabNOISE Laboratory.

LabNOISE Laboratory for acoustic research and expertise. Accredited by PCA (No. 1660).

preview, LabNOISE Laboratory

Created by scientists from the Institute of Social Sciences and Management of Technologies,
the laboratory is used in the study of environmental, industrial, traffic and communal noise, testing of machinery and equipment as well as for development of noise reduction strategies for companies. 

This service is addressed to companies as well as to local and central governments.