The Lodz University of Technology has joined the international community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in the Health Pillar (EIT Health).

Grafika do projektu EIT Health

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology is an independent body of the European Commission within the structure of the Horizon Europe program (Pillar III), created to strengthen innovation in key areas of the European Union's development.

EIT Health was established in 2015 as the 'Knowledge and Innovation Community' (KIC) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The EIT is made up of different communities, each focusing on a different sector or area of innovation - in our case it is health and aging. The idea behind the EIT communities is that innovation works best when the relevant organizations work together to share expertise in the area of the so-called "knowledge triangle". It is the principle according to which experts from business, research and education work together to create an optimal environment for the development of innovation.

The implementation of the "knowledge triangle" theory requires a cooperative approach. That's why we at EIT Health work internationally with leading organizations (over 200 partners) and thousands of start-ups and entrepreneurs, bringing together the brightest minds to respond to some of the biggest health challenges Europe is facing.

Through this unique collaborative approach, we enable networks of innovators to overcome barriers, challenge conventions and take action to make innovative products and services available to those who need them most. EIT Health provides the opportunity and support in the process of creating international innovative, educational and acceleration projects. More information:

We encourage you to follow the information published on the website regarding the possibilities of supporting scientific research, acceleration of business solutions and education for students and scientists!