List of projects implemented under the programs of the National Science Centre:

  • Multi-scale, fractal chem-higro-termo-mechanical models for analysis and prediction durability of cement composites. 

  • Geometrically non-linear issues of dynamics in beams with discontinuous periodical structure. 

  • Stochastic finite element method in the analysis of hyper-elastic materials.

  • Experimental analysis and modelling of the kinetics of phase transformations of water and aqueous solutions contained in porous mediums in terms of durability of building materials. 

List of projects implemented under the programs of the National Centre for Research and Development:

  • Assessing model of the risk of construction disasters, accidents and dangerous incidents at workplaces using building scaffoldings. 

  • Preparation of early warning monitoring and sustainable management system for wastewater treatment plants minimising the emission of pollutants into the water environment from the urbanised area.

  • Enhancing the uptake of Land Cover/ Land Use information derived from the integration of Copernicus services and national databases. 

Other sources of funding:

  • Interdisciplinary Research and Development Centre of Advanced Materials and Intelligent Management Systems in Construction 2020+ at the Lodz University of Technology.

  • Spatial analysis of changes in air pollution in the Lodz agglomeration. Regional Lodz Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

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