List of projects implemented under the programs of the National Science Centre:

  • Novel nanocatalytic structural fillers for carbon dioxide hydrogenation processes.

  • Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites and morphological development of filamentous mocroorganisms in the two-species cocultures cultivated in stirred tank bioreactors.

  • Photo-biosynthesis, recovery and purification of thermostable phycocyanin.

  • Novel nanocatalytic structured packings for carbon dioxide hydrogenation.

  • Photo-biosynthesis, secretion and purification of thermostable phycocyanin.

  • Nanostructured plasma catalysts for the conversion of carbon dioxide to syngas.

  • Non-invasive delivery for emulsified carriers of bioactive substances into skin structures.

  • Innovative method for computer-aided process design of internals for Rotating Packed Beds.

  • Hybrid DNA demethylation control implants for peripheral nervous system regeneration.

List of projects implemented under the programs of the National Centre for Research and Development

  • Modern technology biomass torrefaction proces to produce fuel mixtures, biocoal as additives for fertilizers, activated carbon for energy sector, agriculture, civil engineering and chemical industry.

  • Energy Activated External Thermal Insulation Composite System – integration of thermal storage and photovoltaics for energy-efficient buildings.

  • Automatic apparatus for fabrication of customized implants for peripheral nervous tissue engineering.

Other sources of funding:

  • Developing and Implementing Sustainability-Based Solutions for Bio-Based Plastic Production and Use to Preserve Land and Sea Environmental Quality in Europe (BIOPLASTICS). Projekt HORYZONT 2020 Komisji Europejskiej.

  • Hybrid Photovoltaics for Efficiency Record using Integrated Optical techNology.

  • FIBRE composite manufacturing technologies FOR the automation and modular construction in shipYARDS.

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