Authored on 07/05/2022 - 14:40
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The 'Fabrykant' oak tree growing in Klepacz Park, on the campus belonging to Lodz University of Technology, won the Tree of the Year competition organised by Klub Gaja. It received as many as 5559 votes from internet users.

The winner of the competition does not have a fixed name, some call it "Fabrykant" and others "Jagosz", in honour of Mieczysław Jagoszewski, a former journalist and editor of Dziennik Łódzki, whose editorial office is located next to the park.

This pedunculate oak, growing on the vast lawn in the central part of Reinhold's garden, astonishes with the thickness of its trunk, measuring 4.52 metres in circumference, the spread of its crown with a diameter of more than 30 metres, and above all the thickness and length of its huge branches, growing almost from the base of the trunk. It is rare to find a tree of such shape and size, - one reads in the publication entitled "Park im. bp. Michała Klepacza", prepared by Professor Romuald Olaczek.

Every spring, the tree attracts crowds of strollers to the park, especially when the 'Fabryant' is submerged in a sea of blue flowers - snowdrops and Siberian onions. In February 2023, the 'Fabrykant' oak will represent Poland in the international European Tree of the Year poll!