Authored on 07/15/2021 - 10:51
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Voting for ideas submitted by employees of Lodz University of Technology as part of this year's edition of the IDEA BOX project has come to an end. Prof. Krzysztof Jóźwik, rector of Lodz University of Technology, presented the winners of the best projects with diplomas and symbolic prizes.


The 2021 edition attracted exceptional interest. Even before the voting began, the rector referred two of the submitted projects for implementation outside the budget. As a result, more funds remained for the initiatives put to the vote, which selected the most interesting projects and specified the costs of their implementation:

  • for the benefit of the natural environment 2. A flower meadow instead of a lawn author: Monika Dziąg - PLN 10,000;

  • for the benefit of the natural environment 1. Houses for hedgehogs in Klepacz Park, author: Monika Dziąg - PLN 2,000;

  • poly-apiary on campus B. Construction of a mini apiary author: Barbara Konarzewska – PLN 10 000;

  • bicycle stands author: Assoc. Prof. Eng. Grzegorz Raniszewski - PLN 15,000.

Also, Assoc. Prof. Eng. Konrad Olejnik, TUL prof. received a diploma for an idea that was referred for implementation outside the Idea Box 2021 budget: "Reorganization of the green area in front of the Main Library of Lodz University of Technology in order to improve the visibility of the road", and Dr. Eng. Robert Susik was awarded for the free transfer of his own algorithm "Less changes in the semester calendar - proposal of an algorithm for creating a semester calendar".

IDEA BOX is a project thanks to which employees and students of our university have the opportunity to submit their ideas, the purpose of which is to increase the comfort of work, study and recreation at the university. This year, the pool of funds allocated to the implementation of selected ideas amounts to PLN 70,000 and was split into two parts: PLN 35,000 for employees and PLN 35,000 for students. The submitted ideas had to be of a university-wide nature.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the process of submitting ideas takes place into two stages - for employees (June) and for students (October). Additionally, this year, for the first time, a new formula for selecting the winning ideas was introduced - online voting. Ideas submitted by employees could be voted on by all university staff, student ideas could be voted on by students themselves. The condition for allowing an idea to be put to a vote was the possibility of its implementation in the current calendar year, positive verification in terms of compliance with the applicable regulations, technical feasibility of the idea and its verification from the perspective of the actual costs of implementation