Authored on 06/09/2021 - 11:40
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From October, first-year students at TUL will be able to apply for the new programme E²TOP - Excellence in Engineering Talents in Research with Opportunities Programme. Those qualified will receive additional scientific scholarships.


E²TOP is an offer for talented students who want to carry out their own research projects in an international environment.

We invite young and ambitious people to dive into the deep end. From the very first weeks within the walls of our university we provide you with state-of-the-art research laboratories where you will be able to study under the supervision of excellent scientists. By cultivating the academic tradition of building student-master relations, together we will create a unique path that can lead to scientific development or a faster career,

- encourages Vice-Rector for Education Assoc. Prof. Eng. Andrzej Romanowski, TUL Prof.

Participants in the E²TOP programme will benefit from an individual study plan, tailored to the student's scientific interests. Each participant will be assigned a tutor - a mentor who will help him/her set ambitious research goals and prepare to achieve them. The student will be exempted from some of the subjects in the curriculum so that they can take part in research and scientific projects while gaining additional competences.

In order to make it easier to choose a field of study according to candidates' interests, Lodz University of Technology has prepared a special promotional campaign "Kierunkowy zawrót głowy". - Once a week, on Facebook page Rekrutacja PŁ, we will present the differences between fields of study with similar names. We will dispel any doubts about the specificity of study programs, which at first glance look similar. We will allow candidates to ask questions to students of different fields of study, who know almost everything about studying. They will also talk about their impressions of studying, in the form of a review

- explains Dr Aleksandra Pawlik, from the Promotion Office. The schedule of the campaign can be found on the admissions page.

We also invite you to take virtual walks around Lodz and the TUL campus, led by the staff and students. Together we will visit all the places important for a future student. We'll show you interesting places in the city and the unique TUL campus. Every day on Facebook: Rekrutacja PŁ, in form of a story, you will be able to watch materials prepared by student research groups at Lodz University of Technology.

Admissions to Lodz University of Technology (first-cycle studies) begins on 16th June.