Authored on 03/16/2023 - 14:28
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The winner of the first edition of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education's Pearls of Science competition was Emilia Brancewicz-Steinmetz, a doctoral candidate at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School at TUL.


The Ministry of Science and Higher Education has announced the results of a new competition addressed to exceptionally talented graduates of first-cycle studies and students after completing the third or fourth year of long-cycle studies.

Among the 98 winners of the Pearls of Science competition is Emilia Brancewicz-Steinmetz, currently a PhD candidate at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of Lodz University of Technology, who conducts research at the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Lodz

University of Technology. The scientific supervisor of the young researcher is Prof. Jacek Sawicki.

Emilia Brancewicz-Steinmetz received the maximum amount of PLN 240,000, provided for in the MEiN competition for projects in the field of engineering and technical sciences, for the following research: Shaping physicochemical and mechanical properties of 3D prints with gradient structure. As part of the competition, the project manager also receives a salary that does not exceed PLN 3,000 per month.