Authored on 08/17/2021 - 11:08
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Candidates interested in becoming an engineer at the 5th technical university in Poland are invited to find out more about the offer of available places at Lodz University of Technology. The second round of the admission process for first cycle studies is open until 14 September.


There are still places available in a number of fields of study, although in some there are only single places available. You can still apply for studies conducted in English at the International Faculty of Engineering: Industrial Biotechnology, Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Biobased and Bioinspired Materials and studies conducted in French: Gestion et Technologie, (taught in English in the first year).

The full list of available places - fields of study and forms of first cycle studies, for which recruitment will be conducted in the second round of recruitment - is available at There are also nearly 100 places left for part-time studies at first cycle studies in Civil Engineering, Occupational Safety Engineering, Environmental Engineering in Civil Construction, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering as well as Paper and Printing Technology.

For the new academic year Lodz University of Technology has prepared a total of 4,210 places for first cycle students, including 3,820 for full-time students and 390 for part-time students. Candidates for second-cycle (Master's) studies can submit their documents until 16 September. The broad offer includes both full-time and part-time studies, including as many as 10 fields of study conducted in English.