Authored on 03/21/2022 - 09:21
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Miss Poland Karolina Bielawska, a student of management at the Faculty of Organization and Management (OiZ) of Lodz University of Technology, has won the title of Miss World 2021, the most beautiful woman in the world. The 70th Miss World contest, which took place in Puerto Rico on March 16, will go down in our history.


On her Instagram, Miss World 2021 wrote: "I am more than proud to bring the crown to my country.”

Karolina Bielawska studies Master of Business Studies in English at the International Faculty of Engineering (IFE) at Lodz University of Technology. She graduated from Bachelor's studies also in Management. She is very eager to get involved in all kinds of charity activities. Her passion is travelling, which she usually does with her mother, Professor Agnieszka Zakrzewska-Bielawska, Dean of the Faculty of Organization and Management at TUL.

Below you will find a short interview with Professor Agnieszka Zakrzewska-Bielawska.

What is mother of the most beautiful woman in the world feeling now?

Emotions associated with the Miss World contest are enormous, and when the results were announced, tears of happiness were mixed with emotion, disbelief and indescribable joy. Karolina is my greatest pride, she is amazing and being her mother is the most important role in my life.

What are Karolina's plans for the future?

Karolina is beautiful, smart and has a huge heart. Education, personal and professional development and helping others are especially important to her. As Miss Poland, she has been working as a volunteer for the past two years doing charity work, helping orphanages, foundations, sick and poor children. She is actively engaged in many projects, but the one closest to her heart is the action "Soup on Piotrkowska Street" which provides permanent help to people in the crisis of homelessness.

In accordance with the assumptions of the Miss World contest, the most beautiful woman in the world has a unique mission to fulfill, namely helping people in need. In recent weeks Karolina has been helping refugees from Ukraine, but I think she will be active in various parts of the world. Regardless of her plans, I am sure she will achieve everything she dreams of and for me she will always remain my little girl.

Is she planning a career in science, as you did?

Karolina has been developing her academic skills throughout her studies. She conducts research, co-authored a high-scoring publication, won the 7th Prof. Roman Glowacki national competition for the best Bachelor Thesis on marketing, trade and consumption and is the author of a recently submitted ministerial scientific project. At the moment, however, she is first and foremost Miss World 2021 and must take on the mission of the most beautiful woman in the world.

Questions by Małgorzata Trocha.