Authored on 07/22/2021 - 11:37
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Aleksandra Bednarek, a student of Lodz University of Technology, has crossed the English Channel and, as the first Polish woman, has won the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.


I swam 13 hours and 17 minutes - said Ola, and when asked about the distance covered in the water, she adds - In a straight line it is 36 km, but due to the currents the route is longer. I suppose I swam about 40-45 km, but I don't know it exactly yet.

Ola Bednarek made her biggest dream come true by crossing the English Channel. Earlier, in 2018, she was the first Pole to cross the Catalina Channel, being part of the Crown of Oceans. She covered 34 km in just over 12 hours. As a result of this this achievement, the World Open Water Swimming Association nominated her for the prestigious Woman of the Year award, which she won by defeating 15 rivals for the title. In 2019, she swam around the Manhattan Island of New York (46.5 km).

Ola Bednarek studies Biomedical Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering. She is at the second cycle of studies. Ola already has professional plans for the future. After graduation, she wants to design equipment to support athletes. People interested in Ola's successes and overcoming their own limitations can visit her website where she describes her adventures in detail