Authored on 01/14/2022 - 15:03
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Lodz University of Technology can now be visited remotely thanks to a virtual tour available in Google Street View databases. The tour includes around 560 ground and bird's eye views. Lovers of picturesque panoramas are invited to take a sky walk, which can be done by taking a virtual walk around the spaces photographed from a drone.


The virtual tour is addressed both to candidates for studies and students, employees and all those interested in our university. We are convinced that this initiative will make it easier to get to know Lodz University of Technology when there is a limited possibility to visit our university due to the pandemic, says Anna Boczkowska, Head of the Promotion Office at TUL.

You can plan your tour. You can take a virtual walk between the buildings of Lodz University of Technology, using one of several paths on campus A and B. It is also possible to visit selected university buildings.

On Campus A, you can see the teaching facilities of the Factory of 21st Century Engineers, the Alchemium building - The Magic of Tomorrow's Chemistry, the International Faculty of Engineering, LabFactor, the Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design as well as the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences. Candidates for studies can also take a remote tour of the Recruitment Department building. On Campus B, visitors can see the interiors of the Rector's Office, the Library, the buildings of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering, the Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics, as well as the University Sports and Didactic Centre - Sports Bay.

The photos for the virtual tour were taken by Virtual Pro, a certified Street View Trusted partner.